2010 LRNC Abstracts

2010 Network Conference on Experts in the judicial process, Groningen

Name University Paper Title
Paula Giliker Bristol The Draft Common Frame of Reference: Moving from the “academic” to the “political” in harmonising the private law of Europe
Judith Masson Bristol The use of experts in child care proceedings in England and Wales: benefits, costs and controls
Krisztina Rozsnyai Budapest Ways of canalizing expertise into the administrative procedure
Zoltán Fleck Budapest Changing Character of Judicial Competencies
Attila Vincze Budapest The financial crisis in Europe and the future of the Economic and Monetary Union – facing a bigger challenge
István Varga Budapest Expert Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration
Peter Van Elsuwege Ghent Law versus Politics: The Limits of Judicial Review in EU External Relations
Piet Taelman and Victor Petitat Ghent New developments in expert inquiry since the new Belgian law of 31st December 2009
Wendy De Bondt Ghent Free movement of expert evidence in criminal matters
Isabelle Van Hiel Ghent Lay judges in labour courts
Michèle Morel Ghent Protection from Environmental Displacement: The Contribution of International Human Rights Law
Qin He Ghent Climate Change and the Protection of Fisheries Resources in the North-East Atlantic: Role of the European Union
Jimena Murillo Chávarro Ghent The Real Nature of the Biodiversity Provisions Adopted by the Andean Community
Nengye Liu Ghent The Relations between the European Union and the International Maritime Organization: an analysis
Nicole de Moor Ghent Circular labour migration for disaster-affected communities
Jo Dorscheidt Groningen End-of-life decisions in neonatology: a children’s rights issue? Dutch developments examined
Berend Keulen and Nico Kwakman Groningen Experts and expert registers in five European countries
Hanny Elzinga and Jan Nijboer Groningen Expert registers: aims and expectations
Getahun Mosissa Groningen The Role of ‘Expert Opinions’ in the Adjudication process of Socio-Economic Rights
Nicolle Zeegers Groningen Nothing but the legal truth
Anne Ruth Mackor Groningen Truth in criminal trials: Its nature and its importance
Tobias Nowak Groningen The Court is Not So Sure about the Law – National Judges and European Law
Herman Voogsgeerd Groningen Causation in Free movement case law of the ECJ
Sandrine Chassagnard-Pinet and Guillaume Delalieux Lille Contractualization of the social and environmental standards