2023 Network Conference on Law and socio-technical change, Turku

LAW AND SOCIO-TECHNICAL CHANGE 15th Conference of the Legal Research Network

(Bristol, ELTE Budapest, Ghent, Göttingen, Groningen, Lille, Roma Rre, Turku, and Uppsala)

7 – 8 September 2023, Faculty of Law, University of Turku

The Faculties of Law of the Universities of Bristol, Budapest (ELTE), Ghent, Göttingen, Groningen, Lille, Roma Tre, Turku and Uppsala cordially invite doctoral and early career researchers to participate in the 15th annual Legal Research Network Conference on the 7th and 8th of September 2023. The conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Law of the University of Turku (Finland).

Aim of the Legal Research Network Conference

The LRN conference aims at creating a stimulating research environment and a common space for senior and junior scholars to present and discuss international oriented legal research. The conference provides for the opportunity for PhD students and early career academics to present their research and discuss their ideas with academics from the different Universities of the Legal Research Network. The conference language is English. The conference is aimed to be organized in-person only.

2023 Conference Theme

Law and socio-technical change

We are living amid abrupt technological and social changes. Advances in digital, artificial intelligence, and medical technologies, just to name a few, seem to be on the cusp of fundamentally affecting the social structures of our daily lives, disrupting established patterns of sociality, introducing new risks and opportunities, and forcing us to renegotiate key tenets of how we organize our societies. For example, generative large language models such GPT-4 seem to have attained a maturity that allows for their integration into administrative and business decision-making processes. The models could also disrupt information ecosystems and many existing industries. While the EU Act is still brewing, the models lack a clear regulatory framework.

The Legal Research Network conference invites papers focusing on what happens when law and new technologies collide. We would be happy to receive papers that discuss encounters between, for example, artificial intelligence, social media, robotics, medical discoveries, human enhancement, and law. However, the framing of the call should be understood broadly.

The Call for Papers can be found here.

The Programme of the 2023 Network Conference on Law and socio-technical change can be found here.