2012 Summer school, Budapest

Dear Colleagues,

in the context of the cooperation of our Faculties in the U4 Legal Network we will organize the 2012 LEGAL RESEARCH NETWORK SUMMER SCHOOL on

“The Impact of International Instruments on National and European Law”

Budapest, 17-19 September 2012

The impact of the law of the European Union has been the centre of many scientific exercises. Less frequent but nonetheless relevant is the growing role of international instruments in shaping traditionally national branches of law. Arguably, there is not an important area of law which would not be exposed to this phenomenon. The best example is probably the development of international criminal law, but recent examples of international treaties effecting banking activities are also well known. Nor is private law or even administrative law exempt from this sort of globalization. What is more, the interaction of European Union law with international instruments governing human rights and also international trade is of great academic interest.

The summer school aims at providing a comprehensive overview as well as in depth discussions on these issues. At the same time, it aims to offer opportunity for PhD students to contribute with presentations of their own.

We would like to invite up to four graduate Students and one lecturer from each of the participating universities. The Summer School will begin on Sunday 16 September 2012 with a come together in the evening and will conclude on Wednesday 19 September 2012. There will be in general two or three presentations by lecturers on each day of the summer school, all followed by interventions of PhD students commenting or extending the lecture. PhD students will be able to choose the lecture they are commenting on once the topics of the lectures are set.

According to the usual practice in the cooperation of our Faculties, each institution will arrange for covering the cost for travel and accommodation of their participants, while the Budapest Faculty will cover all remaining costs.

We kindly ask you to contact Gábor Kajtár (gaborkajtar@gmail.com) for the necessary arrangements to be made, including the number of participants – including both: graduate students and lecturers – that we may expect to participate from your side until 1 May 2012.

Looking forward to meeting you in Budapest,
The organizing committee