2011 LRNC Abstracts

2011 Network Conference on Human Rights, Göttingen

Name University Paper Title
Laura J. J. Peters Groningen The Development of Negotiated Justice on the European Continent and the Necessary Extension of Human Rights During the Pre-trial Investigation
Alexander Heinze Göttingen The Wrong Type of Blood – How the Recent Disclosure Regime at the International Criminal Court is Doomed to Violate Human Right
Christine Kunst Marburg The Protection of Victims and Witnesses at International and Internationalized Courts – the Need to Balance the Human Rights of the Accused and those of Victims and Witnesses
Yaffa Epstein Uppsala The Impact of Human Rights on Environmental Legal Procedures: The Aarhus Convention and Injunctive Reform
Matthijs van Wolferen Groningen Will Litigation Ever be the Savoir of the European Environment?
Huanlin Lang Groningen Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making Process: An Ecosystem Approach View
Kees de Vey Mestdagh Groningen Advancing Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace Through European Union Policies Regulating Trade and Communication Networks
Nicolas Klein Göttingen Human Rights and International Investment Protection
Talib Zahor Groningen The Contribution of Regional Intergrations on Promotion and Protection the Taxpayers‘ Rights, Experience from Tanzania
Antenor Hallo de Wolf Groningen The Regulatory Autonomy of States and Human Rights
Sebastiaan Vandenbogaerde Ghent The Introduction of the Human Rights in the Belgian Legal Periodicals. Is there a Shift in Mentality?
André de Hoogh Groningen Arbitrary Deprivation of Life under International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: A Critique of Concurrent Applicability Thesis
Aline Klingenberg Groningen Freedom of Information: The Impact of Human Rights on Judicial Review in Freedom of Information Cases
Laurens Lavrysen Ghent The Interaction between the ECHR and European Asylum Law
Ilona Boekema Groningen Access to Justice in Administrative Law: A Socio-Legal Perspective on the Appeals Procedure
Attila Menyhárd Budapest Human Rights and European Private Law
Marlies Eggermont Ghent The Impact of the Right to Private Life on the Choice of Child Delivery
Jeiran Rahmanian Koshkaki Nancy Human Rights and State Responsibility: Responsibility of the State for the Domestic Violation of Womens’ Rights by Private Actors
Wojciech Nazarek Göttingen Exercise of the Right to Privacy within Social Networking Sites
Jeanne Pia Mifsud Bonnici Groningen The Concept of Consent in the Protection of Informational Privacy
Peter Hack Budapest Transitional Justice and the Rule of Law – East European Examples
Charis van den Berg en Tobias Nowak Groningen Alternative Approaches to the Right of Self-determination
Bernadette Somody Budapest Fundamental Rights: Abstract Values in Concrete Cases?
Maria Victoria Cabrera Göttingen Redefining Indigenous Peoples as Emerging Participants of Environment and Development Decision-Making Processes
Isabelle van Hiel Ghent Article 11, the Right to be Protected against Trade Unions and Employers‘ Organizations?
Hella Molnar Budapest The Freedom of Establishment and the Free Movement of Persons – The Protection of Commercial Agents in the European Union and in Hungary
Herman Voogsgeerd Groningen Human Rights in the EU and Their Impact on Labour Law