2010 Summer school on Methods in Legal Science, Uppsala

Method or Methods in Legal Science – New Methodological Challenges in Postmodernity Uppsala Summer School 2010

Dear Collegues,

Summer School of 2010 in Uppsala and August 23rd 2010 is still far away but approaching quickly and it is time to make some more detalied preparations. I have received the names of the participating students and teachers from most universities and estimate that we will be around 30 students and 10 teachers.

Studenten contributions

I enclose our suggested schedule where we have planned for parallel students sessions in order to give each participant time to present and discuss his or her parper. Since we have parallel sessions it is possible for you all to send more than four students should there be an interest for that. There will be more than four students from Uppsala participating. For each presentation there should also be an discussant and a chairman (one of the teachers) for the session. The plan is to have four studente papers in each session. Each paper will be presented and discussed during 30 minutes which will give around 10 minutes for the author to present the paper, 10 minutes for the discussant to raise some key issues and 10 minutes for general discussion. The students not giving papers or participating as discussants will be divided in two groups as “audience”. We are currently working on a social program and will give you more information on that as we approach August.

I would like abstracts from the participating students no later than June 8th in order to be able to compose the sessions and to assign discussants to each paper. The abstract, no longer than one page (1/2 page will suffice in most cases) should give a short description of the presentation and information about the author, including name and birthdate (for student cards), general field of studies and mailadress. The abstracts should be mailed to the course assistant Chrisopher Jacobsson (christopher.jakobsson@jur.uu.se) The final paper has to be submitted no later than August 3rd if we are to be able to distribute the papers to the discussant and chairmen.

The lectures

As you might remember the purpose of the Summer School 2010 is to compare, discuss and to open up for alternative approaches to legal research. Law in modern society presents new and stimulating methodological challenges. It gives scholars an opportunity to rethink and consolidate traditional legal method. Topics to analyze include the importance for scholars and PhD students today of often discussed issues such as deconstruction, language, games or other more recent developments in philosophy of science – as well as new approaches in law theory and practice. Is pluralistic method the way forward or is there other ways to meet the needs of today’s society? How can legal science contribute?

The lectures should connect to these more general topics. In the schedule I have assigned each lecturer a day and time for the lecture but these are only suggestions. If there are specific requests for other days and times we will try to accommodate to that. It is however desirable that the teachers are in Uppsala for at least two days in order to be able to give their lecture and to chair at least one student session. We are planning a panel on Monday afternoon with the teachers that are in Uppsala then. Please let me know who will be able to participate!

The lectures are scheduled for one hour 15 minutes . The last 15 minutes, if not more, should be given to general discussion. Each lecturer can give reading material up to 50 pages and a short introduction to the lecture and topics for discussion. These should be provided as soon as possible and no later than August 3rd to the course administrator Christopher Jacobson (christopher.jakobsson@jur.uu.se) . We plan to make the material available on a special home page for the course. I would also like to know when the lecturers are planning to be in Uppsala in order to assign chairmen to the student sessions.


We will arrange the hotel in Uppsala from Monday 23to Friday 27. If someone plans to arrive before Monday, please let us know. We will book double rooms for the students unless informed otherwise. Each participating university pays for its participating students and teacher(s).


Those flying to Sweden should go to Stockholm Arlanda. The airport is situated between Stockholm and Uppsala. There are trains to Uppsala from the airport, leaving every 30 minutes. The train to Uppsala takes less than 20 minutes and the cost is 130 SEK (13 Euro). There are also busses leaving from outside the terminals around the clock. The bus ride takes around one hours and the cost is 100 SEK (10 Euro). If four people arrive at the same time it is also possible to share a taxi. The cost is around 50 Euro and the ride takes about 30 minutes. Each participant has to arrange his or her own travel.

You are all very welcome to Uppsala and we look forward to an interesting week with discussions on legal methods.

Warm regards,

Anna Singer


Student abstract and information about the student: June 3rd . Student paper: August 3rd Teachers name and topic for lecture. June 3rd Reading material for the lectures: August 3rd .

Mailing list

Bristol: Dr Patrick Crapps
Budapest: Prof. Király Miklos
Ms Andrea Robotka
Ghent Prof. Reinhard Steennot
Göttingen Prof. Gunnar Duttge
Prof. Peter-Tobias Stoll
Groningen Dr Joop Houtman
Turku Prof. Jukka Mähönen
Lille Prof. Dr Serge Dauchy
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