2008 LRNC Conference Programme

Researchers will have 30 minutes for presentation of the main results of their work, 20 minutes is reserved for the discussants, giving comments on the paper and 10 minutes is available for discussion with participants. Each workshop includes one paper presentation. Each round of workshops, there will be two parallel workshop sessions. The chairman of the workshop closely monitors the timeschedule in order to make sure that all speakers are allotted equal time. Discussants will receive the paper a month before the conference date in order to give them time to prepare their notes. The organizers stress the informal nature of the conference. For this reason we urge speakers and discussants not to prepare written speaches as these tend to take up too much time.


Programme Day 1, Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time Room Speaker Subject Discussants Chair
08.30 Grand Café Registration
09.00 Congress Room Frans Zwarts, RectorLeon Verstappen, Dean Welcome and Introduction Herman Bröring
09.30 1.04 Torben Spaak Workshop 1a Anne Ruth MackorPeter van den Berg Jef De Mot/Ben DePoorter
09.30 1.12 Bas van der Leij & Raphaela M. Carrière Workshop 1b Mirjam Plantinga Mia Hoffrén
10.30 Grand Café Coffee break
11.00 1.04 Pekka Länsineva Workshop 2a Ko de RidderGerhard Hoogers Hein Wolswijk
11.00 1.12 Anne-Wietske Enequist Workshop 2b Mia HoffrénDimitry Kochenov Bas van der Leij
12.00 1.04 Gijsbert J. VonkAlbertjan Tollenaar Workshop 3a Pekka Länsineva Hein Wolswijk
12.00 1.12 Cyril Holm Workshop 3b Mika ViljanenTobias Nowak Mia Hoffrén
13.00 Lunch Room Lunch break
14.30 1.04 Ko de RidderMirjam Plantinga

Alex Corra

Workshop 4a Bengt VerbeeckWilbert Kolkman Bas van der Leij
14.30 1.12 Mika Viljanen Workshop 4b Torben SpaakMarc Hertogh Herman Voogsgeerd
15.30 Grand Café Coffee break
16.00 1.04 Jef De MotBen DePoorter Workshop 5a Grietje de JongOscar Couwenberg Mark Wissink
16.00 1.12 Hans Vedder Workshop 5a Hans De WulfNicolle Zeegers Eva van Luijk
17.00 1.04 Hans De Wulf Workshop 6a Bart KransHerman Bröring Mark Wissink
17.00 1.12 Tobias Jonkers Workshop 6b Cyril HolmEva van Luijk Nicolle Zeegers
18.00 End of first day
19.00 Restaurant”Jantje zag eens pruimen hangen” Conference dinner


Programme Day 2, Friday, October 31, 2008

Time Room Speaker Subject Discussants Chair
09.00 Grand Café Coffee
09.30 1.04 Bengt Verbeeck Workshop 7a Albertjan Tollenaar Mika Viljanen
09.30 1.12 Herman Voogsgeerd Workshop 7b Hanny Schutte-Veenstra Hans De Wulf
10.30 Grand Café Coffee break
11.00 1.04 Jan BouwmanIrene Burgers Workshop 8a Andreas Oestreicher Reinald Koch
11.00 1.12 Grietje de JongMark Wissink Workshop 8b Jef De Mot/Ben DePoorter Torben Spaak
12.00 1.04 Andreas OestreicherReinald Koch Workshop 9a Jan Bouwman Irene Burgers
12.00 1.12 Mia Hoffrén Workshop 9b Mark WissinkEdwin Woerdman Torben Spaak
13.00 Lunch Room Lunch break
14.30 1.04 Anne Ruth Mackor Workshop 10a Herman Voogsgeerd Pekka Länsineva
14.30 1.12 Heleen Weyers Workshop 10b Bas van der LeijKars de Graaf Albertjan Tollenaar
15.30 Grand Café Coffee break
16.00 Congress Room Gijsbert J. Vonk Keynote address The new regulatory State: already a thing of the past? Herman Bröring
17.00 Grand Café Drinks
18.00 End of Conference

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