2008 LRNC Abstracts

2008 Network Conference on Public and Private in Modern Law, Groningen

Name University Paper Title
Jef De Mot & Ben Depoorter Ghent Increasing access to justice: a proposal
Bengt Verbeeck Ghent Aspects of juridification and deregulation in public law
Hans De Wulf Ghent Does Europe need securities class actions?
Maud Piers Ghent The principle of good faith in the European Union member states after the implementation of the ‘European Directive 93/13 on unfair terms in consumer contracts’
Albertjan Tollenaar & Gijsbert J. Vonk Groningen Public interests of social security
Anne Ruth Mackor Groningen Performance-indicators: their efficacy and legitimacy
Bas van der Leij Groningen The value of fair procedures for victims at the International Criminal Court
Hans Vedder Groningen The fine line between markets, public interests and self-regulation from an EC law and member state perspective: EC law as a constitutional disciplinary tool being disciplined
Heleen Weyers Groningen Diffusion of euthanasia law
Herman Voogsgeerd Groningen Corporate governance codes and collective labour agreements: Two examples of ‘reflexive law’ and their effectivity in safeguarding public interests in the Netherlands
Jan Bouwman & Irene Burgers Groningen Group taxation in Europe
Mark Wissink & Grietje de Jong Groningen Calendar or conduct: problems with extinctive prescription and mistake of law
Mirjam Plantinga & Ko de Ridder Groningen Public governance in the welfare state: the need and necessity of regulation for safeguarding public interests
Tobias Jonkers Groningen The nemo auditur rule in European law
Mia Hoffrén Turku Contractual rights and third parties
Mika Viljanen Turku Private law governmentalities: the polyvalence of private law
Pekka Länsineva Turku Fundamental rights, privatization and private power
Cyril Holm Uppsala F.A. Hayek’s objection to constructivist rationalism and its relevance for the theory of legislation
Torben Spaak Uppsala Naturalism in legal thinking: Alf Ross and Karl Olivecrona