2006 Summer school on European Law, Uppsala

Summer School in European Law

A course for PhD-students in legal sciences in collaboration between the law faculties of Uppsala, Groningen and Turku

I. General Information

General Theme: European Law Time: 21-25 August 2006 Place: University of Uppsala, Faculty of Law Teachers: Prof. Jyrki Tala , Prof. Tuomas Ojanen (Turku),

Prof. Kristina Ståhl, Ass.prof. Thomas Bull (Uppsala),

Prof. Jan Jans, Prof. Laurence Gormley and Ass.prof. Kristin

Henrard (Groningen)

II. Structure and main topics


The course will be given during five days (Monday-Friday), each of which consists of lectures given by the teachers, and work-shops during which the participating PhD-students present their own papers for further discussion. Each morning session consists of two slots; Slots are filled with different subjects and teachers. The afternoon sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are dedicated to PhD presentations, chaired by two teachers from different universities. PhD presentations will as much as possible be organized in plenary meetings. If that should not be possible, parallel sessions will be organized, and if desirable thematically arranged.

Main topics

  1. The interactions between EU law, constitutional rights and international human rights (prof. Tuomas Ojanen, Turku)
  2. Judicial protection by the European Court of Justice (prof. Laurence Gormley, Groningen)
  3. Judicial protection by the courts of the member states, a comparative approach (prof. Jan Jans, Groningen)
  4. The legislative role of the European Court of Justice (prof. Kristina Ståhl, Uppsala)
  5. The legislative process and different legal instruments of the EU (prof. Jyrki Tala, Turku)
  6. Legislative processes, influences of national actors, constitutional limits to EU membership (ass.prof. Thomas Bull, Uppsala)

Summer School in European Law, 21-25 August 2006, Uppsala/Groningen/Turku

7. The EU’s mainstreaming of human rights, equality and minority protection: a story of synergies (ass.prof. Kristin Henrard, Groningen).

III. Teaching methods

Each teacher will give a short introductory lecture, followed by interactive parts like workshops and discussions, where cases, assignments and prepared questions by students will be dealt with.

Each participating PhD student has to write a paper of approximately 3000 words with full references and footnoting, as if it were published in a reviewed (law) journal, or presented at a conference, understandable for a divergent audience. The aim of the papers is to present the PhD project including one or more methodological aspects related to European law. During the presentations PhD students are not allowed to read their text, but should only use point by point notes. Furthermore, they have to prepare questions they would like to address at the summer school. PhD presentations consists of a 10 to 15 minute oral presentation, after which the paper will be refereed by two other PhD students, preferably each of which has been chosen from the other two collaborating universities. Each student will be informed in advance which paper they will have to referee. Each presentation with discussion will at most take 45 minutes.

IV. Literature

In Uppsala, the summer school is a 7,5 ECTS part of the PhD-course (5 points according to the Uppsala Syllabus). This implicates on average 800 pages reading material in addition to the paper to be written by the PhD students. The 800 pages will be divided in a compulsory part and background literature. The literature preferably consists of book chapters and articles. The final list of literature will be published at the beginning of June 2006, after which distribution to the participating PhD students will begin.

V. Deadlines for registration and submission of papers and course materials

Each faculty has reserved place for seven PhD students. Students have to apply for the summer school at the latest 10th of March 2006. Registration by e-mail/fax/post has to be submitted to the contact person in each faculty (see below). In the application the subject of the presentation has to be indicated.

Notice that each faculty may use their own criteria for allowance. This arrangement is due to the limitation of maximum seven PhD students from each faculty. For more information, contact the person in charge at your own faculty (see below).

Summer School in European Law, 21-25 August 2006, Uppsala/Groningen/Turku

A definitive list of participants will be provided the 22nd of March 2006. Last date for submission of the PhDstudents´ papers is the 20th of June 2006. The participants will receive the course materials latest the 30th of June 2006.

VI. Accommodation and other practical issues

The summer school takes place at the University of Uppsala, Faculty of Law. For accommodation reservations have been made at the Hotel Uppsala in the city center of Uppsala (www.hoteluppsala@profilhotels.se). The arrangement is 3884 sek for 20-25 August, including breakfast.

Notice, that arrival already in the Sunday afternoon, 20th of August 2006 is preferable; a welcome meeting with information and light supper will be held on Sunday evening and the course will begin early at 9 o´clock on Monday morning.


The administration of the summer school is covered by Minna Gräns and Maud Rosendal (Uppsala), Joop Houtman (Groningen) and Jenny Ruuskanen (Turku).

Students are asked to send their applications/registrations to the administrator of their own faculty:


Informal applications with preliminary subject of the paper to be presented during the course, has to be sent by e-mail/fax/post latest 10th of March 2006 to:

Joop Houtman

If you need any more information about the course, please contact:

Joop Houtman tel. 050 – 363 6895 e-mail: j.houtman@rug.nl

Summer School in European Law, 21-25 August 2006, Uppsala/Groningen/Turku